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A Little About Us

Banner Bags is a student-run program that combines environmental sustainability and education through 3 main initiatives.


We teach students about the importance of environmental sustainability through engaging and interactive classroom presentations. We also bring used nylon banners to these high school classrooms, where students will have the opportunity to practically apply their learning and transform these banners into reusable bags!

Click here to learn more or get in touch with our Education Manager to bring Banner Bags into your classroom!

Go Green Challenge:

Students will have the opportunity to use their creativity to make a difference in their community! The Go Green Challenge is a friendly competition where students will compete with groups from other high schools to turn something OF NO VALUE into something OF VALUE. The objective is to come up with a project to upcycle waste in the community. For example, turning upcycling plastic water bottles into bird feeders!

Distance Education:

Though we have mainly interacted with students in the Lower Mainland, we are partnering up with schools, banner companies, and cities across Canada to promote environmental sustainability.  

Click here to contact our Distance Education Managers if you would like to bring Banner Bags to your classroom outside of the Lower Mainland.