Here at BannerBags we have 3 main initiatives to target the triple bottom line in the community.

Through our initiatives we improve…

The Environment: by diverting banners away from the landfill and teach youth about the importance of environmental sustainability and ways they can bring the concept of upcycling into their daily lives.

Economic Viability: by creating and building connections for sustainable business practices. We do this by taking banners from companies and cities that would otherwise go into the landfill and bring them to textile classrooms to be turned into wonderful bags. This also saves companies/cities from paying a disposal fee.

Social Equity: Our program is lucky enough to be able to spread knowledge and empower students to make positive changes in their own communities.

Click below to learn more about our initiatives and how you can help to make our communities more environmentally friendly.

Education       |       Distance Education        |      Go Green Challenge


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