About Us

Banner Bags has a simple mission of educating high school students on how they can be more environmentally and socially sustainable. The program takes used banners from different companies and cities that would otherwise go into a landfill and brings them to high school sewing classes to be made into bags. In other words, we are turning something of no value into something of value. There is also a short seminar that is delivered before the bags are made to teach the students about environmental sustainability and about the difference each bag is making. The students can then choose to keep the bags or fundraise to make money to donate to a charity of their choice.

Since 2008, our actions saved 1,100+ pounds of nylon from landfills, prevented 27,000 pounds of CO2 emissions and conserved enough electricity to power an average Vancouver home for 40 months. Our participants come from high schools in Burnaby, Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Richmond and outside the lower mainland in Vernon and Ottawa. Early this spring, Enactus teams from other Canadian universities recognized Banner Bags and awarded it the 2011 Scotiabank & Enactus Go Green Challenge Champion at the Enactus Regional competition in Calgary. We have also been nominated as a top three finalist in the City of Surrey’s new City Green Award.

If you would like more information or would like to get involved with Banner Bags, please contact Banner Bags Program Manager, Calvin Cheng, at bannerbags@enactussfu.com and also follow Banner Bags on Twitter @bannerbags_.

Please email us if you are a teacher wanting to participate in the program.