Social Media Contest

Attention all students participating in our workshops! You are eligible to take part in our monthly social media contest:


The November contest ends on November 30th!

More details:

The Unbe-LEAFable Snap of Fame means your amazing snaps will be featured on our Facebook, Instagram, website and/or Snapstory. You’ll be the most sustainable celebrities around!

The prize? A PAIR OF TICKETS TO THE CAPILANO SUSPENSION BRIDGE! You and a friend can reach new heights together 😀 


What if I don’t have Snapchat? No problem, just direct message our Facebook page or Instagram account.

If I participate in one month, can I also participate in another? Yes, but each month your leaf count will start at zero.

Can I collect more leaves for the same type of Snap? Yes. For example, if you take two selfies with two different teachers, you will get 100 points. However, you will not be rewarded leaves for sending in the SAME picture several times.


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